About Us

The city is our studio, we are an outdoor and on-location photography service provider offering a modern look within the Greater Sudbury area. We pride ourselves in providing quality work at a reasonable price. We are passionate about beautiful portraiture, but also people and experience. We love and are grateful for being able to capture and share these special moments with you and your family. 

An image is worth a 1,001 words, but your stories and memories are worth so much more. When we're old we look back at our old photos, moments and memories that made our life great, Make these moments last a lifetime! 



PHOTOGRAPHER | Kathleen paul

 Sudbury photographer specializing in maternity photography as well as newborn and fine-art portrait photography.

Sudbury photographer specializing in maternity photography as well as newborn and fine-art portrait photography.

Kathleen is a Sudbury Ontario-based photographer, retoucher and Social Media manager with a knack for showing off your good side and creating an easy going photo shoot experience.

She has an easy-going presence which allows even the shyest of models to shine while posing in front of her camera. She loves natural posing and an overall natural and realistic look in her photographs, a subtle look paired with a real moment will always steal the show. Kathleen enjoys shooting outdoors/on-location with natural light whenever possible but loves to test and experiment with new scenery and indoor lighting whenever the situation permits it. 


She began her love for photography at a very early age—when you asked her what she wanted to be when she grew up at the tender age of 8 she said "a photographer with my own darkroom" She wasn't yet able to afford an SLR but she always had at least a disposable film camera with her at all times.

Over the years she strayed away and found love in different areas of the photo shoot process. With a love for fashion and beauty she began working in a designer fashion boutique and began writing a makeup and beauty based blog which allowed her to reclaim her love for photography through photographing products and capturing moments for her website. Through these experiences she gained a very well-rounded understanding of the work involved outside of the actual photographing and retouching process which allows her to direct a shoot with confidence and knowledge of the entire process.

Kathleen studied Digital/Social Media Marketing at GBC and Graphic Design at Cambrian college where she had the opportunity to study photography in a classroom environment, although her true ability developed through hands on practice, trial and error, hard work, and continued learning through hands on practice. 

Yes. I just wrote that about myself because I'm a cheesy. ;D



Nick is the assistant and partner at Laura ann photography,. 

Nick is typically present on shoot day assisting with lighting, carrying equipment and helping with anything that the client or I may need.  He's super outgoing and cares about the final result. He helps keep the photo session running smoothly, on schedule, and fun while making tasks easier for everyone else involved.