$100 print package discontinued.

A small change will be taking place here at Laura ann photography. As of December 1st, 2016 our current $100.00 starter package will be discontinued and replaced with an all-digital package. With the current package, you are receiving watermarked, web-sized JPEG image files, which are only printable up to 5x7. along with the websized JPEG image files you receive a print package. The new package released on December 1st will offer full resolution images for you to print off on your own through a third-party printing service.  

Thanks pixels.com for the image.

Thanks pixels.com for the image.

You will continue to receive 2 final JPEG images along with a 10+ image gallery, the only change with the JPEG files will be the resolution which will give you the ability to print photos on your own.  Once the change is in effect you will be offered the full resolution files without the accompanied print package. The second and third package will continue to offer prints as well as the ability to print on your own.

We will continue to offer prints here at Laura ann photography because it's a way we can be sure you are able to display a high-quality photo print in your home for years to come, so this will not be changing for other packages as of now. 

If you have booked a session already or if you have a session booked for after December 1st and were looking forward to the $100 print package you will not be affected by the change.

If you were hoping to order the $100 package, book before December 1st before this change becomes is in effect. If you have any questions or concerns please contact me via the Laura ann photography contact form