Maternity, Pregnancy Photo shoot.

pregnancy photo session photographed in New Sudbury Ontario.

I love the soft pastel colors she chose to wear; the outfit really helped pull the final photos together. Style makes such a huge difference on shoot day. (more than most would think.) I am in the process of designing a wardrobe guide for future clients, which I think will be really helpful in regards to outfit coordination, so stay tuned for that as I will be posting it as soon as it's complete.

I love shooting pregnancy/maternity photos around this stage. I believe she was around 27 weeks; between 26-36 weeks is my favorite time to shoot. The baby bump is showing beautifully but mom is still comfortable enough to move around throughout the length of our time together.  

We began our shoot indoors in a low-key setting with natural light and later made our way outside for the second half of our session. 

Maternity photo shot on Madison Avenue, in New Sudbury, Ontario

I typically tell my moms to bring a few things that will belong to the baby or will be sentimental in the future. I typically recommend things like:

  • Baby booties
  • Ultrasound photo
  • Jewelry
  • Gifts that will be given to the baby when he/she is old enough to make use of it. etc.

This mom brought a beautiful princess crown (shown below) which I thought was absolutely perfect for a baby girl. The choice was pretty, helped add something special to the image while at the same time stayed customized to the mom and her baby girl. I wanted these images to be sweet and feminine as these photos would belong to a little girl in the near future. (Not that a little girl has to like pink and princess crowns) The use of pink and the prop choice helped add to that overall feel as did the outfit, light and location. 

Sudbury Ontario photography

Sudbury, Ontario pregnancy/maternity photography.

I always recommend moms to make sure their nails are done for their session it just makes for a very clean image when photographing anything in the mothers hands, whether this be sentimental item or simply her belly.

Sudbury pregnancy/maternity photographer

-Laura ann photography