1.) Wardrobe

Well planned outfits are essential to a beautiful photo galley, especially when more than one person will be photographed on shoot day. Think coordination and harmony as opposed to “matchy, matchy”. You do not need to be wearing the exact same outfit as your child or spouse (Black T and jeans) but some great color and style harmony is a must. Here are a few good examples, as well as a wardrobe guide from Laska.

If you want classy and elegant photos think classy and elegant outfits, if you want a casual and comfy look, think casual and comfy outfits. Solid colors are preferred. If you are wearing a bright solid color have your spouse wear neutrals like Grey, taupe, white, black beige, etc., with hints of the color you’re wearing as accent color. (Something that will not compete with the color you’re wearing. 
Final wardrobe tips: Logos and branding of any sort can be distracting, patterns can work if kept in moderation and if paired with solid color coordination. This is just advice. At the end of the day these are your photos, wear what will make you feel the most confident and happy with the final result.